The Engagement on the Armistice Line, or more commonly known as "The First Toaster Brawl" by the Colonial Fleet, was the first engagement between the Cylons and the Colonials during the 2nd Cylon War. It was notable for being the first battle in which the Cylons were massively defeated. It was also the first use of Heavy Raiders as a boarding ship by the Cylons, and would be the starting point for a series of conflicts between Battlestar Group 11 and the Cylons.

The battle began after Battlestar Group 11, on a recon mission, was ambushed by two Cylon Basestars. Thinking that they could hack into CNP using the backdoors provided by Caprica-Six, the virus was somehow diverted just seconds before it paralysed the Group, thanks to the technical crew onboard the Phoenix. The two Basestars then proceeded to open fire. A Nuclear Raider guaranteed the destruction of Gunstar Sentinel while Firestar Snake and Strikestar Rebel also fell to superior Raider numbers. However, a pair of nukes finished off one Basestar and the other went down shortly after, along with the Mini Basestars and almost all of the Cylon Fighter craft present.

Cylon forces present:

2X Advanced Cylon Basestars + Raider and Heavy Raider complements

4X Mini Basestar Frigates + Raider complements

Centurion Raiding Parties Nuclear Raiders

Colonial forces present:

2X Mercury Class Battlestars (Phoenix, Athena)

1X Jupiter/Columbia Class Battlestar (Taurus)

2X Gunstars (Sentinel, Reaper)

2X Firestars (Snake, Bombardier)

2X Strikestars (Rebel, Pacifica)

Cylon material loss and casualties:

2X Advanced Cylon Basestars

4X Mini Basestar Frigates

All Nuclear Raiders

Total destruction of Cylon boarding parties

Numerous Humanoid Cylons

Unknown but extremely high number of Cylon Raiders

Unkown but very high number of Heavy Raiders

Hundreds/Thousands of Cylons onboard Basestars and Mini Basestars

Overall: Near total loss of Cylon Force

Colonial material loss and casualties:

Gunstar Sentinel

Strikestar Rebel

Firestar Snake

Moderate damage to Battlestar Taurus

Light damage to Battlestars Phoenix and Athena

39 Viper MK VII space superiority fighter craft destroyed, 5 damaged

12 Raptors destroyed, 2 damaged

Total of 43 Pilots and 13 ECO's.

45 crewmen onboard Athena

58 marines onboard Athena

1,098 crewmen onboard destroyed capital ships

Total of 1,257 humans dead.

Overall: Loss of many crewmen but survival of the majority of the group.