Battlestar Phoenix is a Mercury class Battlestar and the flagship of Battlestar Group 11. It is an extremely well-balanced craft, with eight missile silos as well as a large amount of heavy guns. It is under the command of Commander David Connors, but is under general control of Admiral Adrianne Cayne, the most senior officer in BSG 11. It survived the Engagement on the Armistice Line and is now part of the surviving Colonial Fleet.

It was commisioned 9 years before the fall and was finished in a year, making it a very young ship. It, like the rest of BSG 11, managed to dodge the effects of the CNP backdoor thanks to her technicians. It was once under the command of Admiral Nagala, where it underwent a massive reshuffle in crew. He left after a period of two months to command the Nagala, and Commander David Connors took command and has kept command since. It also has had three switches in ports during the period before the fall, from the Scorpion Fleet Shipyards, to the Picon Fleet Shipyards, and then finally to the Taurus Fleet Shipyards.

After the Engagement on the Armistice Line, the Phoenix, along with her sister ships, began to search for survivors around the Twelve Colonies.


5 Enlarged squadrons of 40 Viper MK VII's (200)

3 Squadrons of 20 Raptors (60)

30 Heavy Dual Cannons across the ship, 2 Massive Dual Cannons in fixed mounts

8 Missile Silos, capable of launching convention and nuclear missiles.

500+ Point-defense guns.

ECM modules.

Pic copyright David "CanisD" Breidis