Battlestar Nagala was the second in the Poseidon class of Battlestars, which was a hybrid of the Jupiter and Mercury classes. It was notable for having a smaller turret armament (20 Dual Cannons), but it compensated by having twelve missile silos, making it somewhat a hybrid of the Cylon Basestar and Colonial Battlestar. It also was the first Battlestar to be equipped with the Viper MK VII class. It was commisioned 15 years before The Fall and was finished in 7 months. The Nagala was unique from the Jupiter and Mercury classes in that it also had Raptor production facilities, aswell as storage facilities for replacement parts.
Battlestar Nagala

Battlestar Nagala, one of the Poseidon class.

It was named after Admiral Nagala, one of the finest Admirals in the Colonial Fleet, and it was his flagship until he was transferred to the Atlantia two weeks before the fall. During those two weeks, it was under the command of Admiral Joyson. Though presumed destroyed in the battle over Gemenon along with 18 other battlestars, Raptor patrols have spotted a Poseidon class somewhere around Gemenon, though at this point, the fate of the Nagala is stil uncomfirmed.


20 Dual Cannons across the ship

480 point defence batteries across the ship

12 missile silos capable of launching conventional and nuclear missiles up to the capital ship size.

8 Viper MK VII Squadrons of 20 (160 Vipers)

3 Raptor Squadrons of 20 (60 Raptors)

Battles participated:

Counterattack above Gemenon.

Current state: Unknown

Pic copyright David "CanisD" Breidis