Valkyrie Class Battlestar

Battlestar Gemini, a Valkyrie-class.

Battlestar Gemini is the flagship of the colony of Gemenon and has one of the largest Viper squadrons for the Valkyrie class, 3 Squadrons of 40 Vipers and 2 Squads of 20 reserve Vipers, totalling 160. Battlestar Gemini, upon hearing the news of the Cylon attack on the Twelve Colonies, prepared to counterattack along with the Nagala and 17 other Battlestars.

Battlestar Gemini is actually one of the smallest Battlestars that are Colony Flagships but has the most armour relative to her size. She was comissioned 12 years before the Fall, and is presumed destroyed along with the other Battlestars in the counterattack.

Her armament is unkown but from the Colonial Database we have this information:

(Pic copyright David "CanisD" Breidis)

Battlestar Gemini has the regular Valkyrie-Class set up, while adding additional armour and another missile pod on each side. It also boasts a larger-than-usual Viper contingent.