Battlestar Athena

Battlestar Eternal, the Athena's exact sister ship in size and weaponry.

Battlestar Athena is the newest of the Battlestars from Battlestar Group 11, having only been commisioned six years from the Fall and having only been finished five years before. She became part of BSG 11 just days after her commisioning and has been an active member since, staying under the command of Rear Admiral Adrianne Cayne. It participated in the Engagement on the Armistice Line and was part of the fleet that jumped to Tauron to search for survivors. The Athena was known for having a larger than usual Raptor contingent amongst BSG 11, 80. Battlestar Athena was also based at Tauron Shipyards, along with the rest of BSG 11. She is also known across the fleet as the Beauty, marking her female name and her female commander. She also has additional heavy turrets on her dorsal and ventral sides and just like her sister ship the Eternal, her flight pods completely overlap each other, making her and the Eternal unique from the rest of the Mercury class. However, she is still counted as a Mercury. She is also the only ship in the surviving fleet to carry the new and advanced Viper MK VII-S fighters.


4 Enlarged Squadrons of 40 Viper MK VII's (160)

1 Squadron of 20 Viper MK VII-S advanced fighters (20)

4 Squadrons of 20 Raptors (80)

32 Heavy Dual Cannons across the ship, 4 Massive Dual Cannons in fixed twin mounts

6 missile silos, capable of launching conventional and nuclear missiles

500+ point defense guns

ECM modules

Pics copyright David "CanisD" Breidis